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What Do Clients Say?

“Karen has a strong drive for excellence and she helps us create that same kind of urgency in our organization. She helps us redirect our corporate passion towards where we want to be..... As a speaker, Karen is powerful and challenging- she lifts people to a higher level .... She has definitely changed our corporate training culture for the better.”

  Kevin Olp
Manager of Training Resources
Northwestern Mutual

“What impresses me the most about Karen are her creativity and adaptability. She looks for unique, non-traditional ways to convey ideas...through her interactive processes.... Her understanding of the role of a leader as a developer of people is integral....Her techniques have encouraged me and others to delegate and share my knowledge and skills....Her sense of humor and openness ensure that all questions are thoroughly answered.“
  Gloria Becker
Director of Education
America’s Community Bankers
“Karen is not only high energy... but also truly authentic. She presents her life stories and experiences and keeps the audience wanting to listen.... Our people learned a sense of ownership about their own path and future and they realized they can improve. Karen’s content is highly practical; she overcame any objections engineers might have had and engaged them directly. I definitely recommend her.“
  Noreen Klitus
FMC Corporation
"Karen is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She connects very well with the audience because she is authentic and down to earth. She’s very perceptive and is able to read people quite accurately. Whether she’s working with leaders, managers or front line employees, her insights, content and wisdom are equally effective. She did a great deal of advance research for us and was thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable of her subject. What is most important about Karen is her ability to deliver tangible tools that employees can put into action immediately.“
  David Bruce
Lee Bank
After the class, the participants stopped in my office to say what a marvelous seminar they attended. Your personality and presentation skills inspired the class. Everyone cannot wait to begin using the newly acquired skills.
  Stephanie A. LoDestro
Trainer/Training Coordinator

Your positive modeling, experiential learning practices, and stimulating interaction were tremendous. You gave us a variety of training tools and techniques, which our Consultants are discussing and already beginning to incorporate into their programs. The presentation had an immediate and powerful impact.

  Robert P. Kane
Assistant Vice President
Communications Manager
Merrill Lynch

The feedback from the group was completely positive. Our members told me they really appreciated not only your style and energy, but the very useful material you taught as well. By actually using your interactive speaking techniques, we learned new skills, and learned them in a memorable and entertaining way.

  Karen Ussery
ASA Program Committee

The Telephone Skills training was an excellent tool for the employees. I can hear the improvement in their voices, as well as attitudes. Maximizing Customer Satisfaction was great class to remind employees that we are all customers and to give that gift of complement every day! Thank you for your insight and professionalism.

  Susan Klingerman
Human Resources
Child Support Enforcement

Based upon the feedback we received from those who were in attendance that night, they found your presentation "Developing and Maintaining A Successful Client/Consultant Relationship" to be timely and extremely well-done. We also appreciate your willingness to structure the group activity at the end of the evening. The event was very successful and this in large part was due to your involvement.

  Greg Smiles

As I expected, every evaluation turned in was rated excellent for your program. I can't thank you enough for a great seminar.

  Ruth Ludeman
National Association of Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants

Your session on "Effective Team Building for Community Banks" hit the mark. I particularly enjoyed the way in which you involved your audience from the very beginning of your breakout session.

  Barry S Thompson
Oswego City Savings Bank

The sessions were interactive and informative. The methods used to get key points across were practical and could be related to everyday situations. Since the training, I have noticed a number of improvements in our staff, including improvement with telephone greetings.

  Marta W Liimatainen
Training Coordinator
Florence Savings Bank

Your enthusiasm and knowledge offered an upbeat, learner-centered perspective that provided the foundation trainers need for developing their skills.
  Barbara A. James, CLU, ChFC, MSM
Sr. Field Development Consultant
Northwestern Mutual

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