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 Business Communication

The Art of Listening

This program is designed to help participants increase their communication effectiveness by becoming active listeners. They will learn techniques for incorporating more effective listening skills into their business situations thereby enhancing their ability to interact with people at all levels. This highly interactive workshop will include role plays, comprehension activities, and self-assessment instruments.

Gender Communication

Men and women communicate differently, resulting in conflicts and misunderstandings, both on the job and in our personal lives. In this session, participants will learn how to bridge this gap and be more effective in their personal and professional relationships.

Influencing Others

As organizations focus on a team approach to delivering quality products and services, the ability to influence others becomes a critical skill. In this session, participants will learn how to use powerful communication and negotiation strategies to influence behavior and create win-win situations.

Interpersonal Communication

This program focuses on the barriers to effective communication, how these barriers affect managerial style, and how to use specific skills and techniques to improve interaction with peers, subordinates, and superiors. It identifies how perception, attitudes, and behavior affect communication as well as the difference between active and passive listening.

Polishing Presentation Skills

This workshop focuses on improving presentation skills including a hands-on approach to using audio-visual aids. Participants learn how to overcome anxiety and develop "stage" confidence, create and organize a speech or presentation, identify techniques for selling ideas, and respond to pressure situations.

Preventing Sexism/Sexual Harassment

Participants will learn how to help their organizations save money and prevent gender-related problems by taking a proactive approach to dealing with gender differences and preventing sexual harassment. They will address underlying sexist attitudes that lead to offensive and discriminatory behavior and develop a plan to eliminate gender-related problems in the workplace.

Valuing Differences: Dealing With Diversity

This program will provide managers with an understanding of the diverse and individual needs of their employees as well as strategies for meeting those needs. It also focuses on the role of the manager in helping employees meet the growing demands of a changing and diverse workforce. It addresses not only diversity issues, but also the importance of requisite skills and knowledge to ensure a worker’s success in the workplace. A modified program is available for staff members.

Writing for Results

The purpose of this course is to develop and improve through practice the skills required to write effective, logical documents including request proposals, letters, and memos. The course is designed to teach participants how to say what they mean clearly, concisely, and convincingly. They master the basics of organizing, revising and polishing, and learn effective stylistic techniques.


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