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Videos of Karen Lawson

Below are a sampling of Karen's videos to help you build your managerial and leadership skills, and to give you insight into Karen's abilities to help you achieve success.  

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Conveying A Professional Image featuring

(8:47) In this interview with Karen Lawson, Ph.D., she discusses the components of conveying a professional image. Dr. lawson addresses issues such...

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Increasing Your Ability to Influence

(5:55) The ability to influence has a major impact on a financial advisor's success in this business. In this session, author and speaker Karen Lawson...

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Motivating Your Employees

(8:09) In this interview with Karen Lawson, Ph.D., she discusses the various approaches to motivating your employees. Dr. lawson discusses the Carr...

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Training & Facilitation Best Practices

(10:01) During this interview, Karen Lawson, Ph.D. shares some practical ideas from her Certified Trainer program. She discusses adult learning tec...

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Communication: Giving & Receiving Feedback

(3:55) During this brief segment, Dr. Karen Lawson shares how to communicate more effectively by understanding how to give and receive feedback. Wh...

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Time Management Insights & Best Practices

(12:32) In this segment, Dr. Karen Lawson discusses why it is impossible to manage time and focuses on ways to work on managing yourself. She provi...

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