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  Executive Coaching

As part of an organization's overall leadership development strategy, we work one-on-one with executives and managers to help them achieve peak performance and gain more influence inside and outside the organization. Our consultants use a variety of assessment and feedback tools to help leaders identify their strengths and areas needing development. Then using various coaching techniques, the coaches meet privately with the leaders on a regular basis to help them deal with specific issues and further develop their leadership skills.

  Organization Development

We work with organizations to help them develop and maintain a competitive edge. We can assist your organization in establishing or changing its corporate culture. We can help you develop a mission statement, define corporate goals, and develop structures or systems to improve your organization’s effectiveness. Employing programs and strategies geared to your specific needs, we help your organization gain greater impact in the marketplace.

  Team Development

We work with both in-tact work groups and cross-functional teams in their team development efforts. Our consultant meets with team members over a designated time period and uses an experiential process to help them assess the team’s current effectiveness, improve group interaction, solve problems, and monitor progress

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