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 Personal Growth

Career Management

This program provides participants with the framework and resources necessary for self-improvement and self-development. It emphasizes the individual’s responsibility for charting his or her own career path and techniques for implementing a plan of action to achieve professional and personal goals. It includes resume writing and interviewing skills.

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

This program focuses on ways individuals can increase their self-direction in order to be more effective in both their professional and personal lives. Participants learn to choose how they want to respond in a particular situation, thereby gaining control over what they do and how they do it. The module incorporates a variety of interactive and experiential activities in addition to the use of assessment instruments, worksheets, and individual action plans.

Executive Image

As business has become more socially oriented, companies look increasingly to those men and women who possess class and style to represent their company publicly. Unfortunately, many people in management positions lack the poise, confidence, and skills necessary to succeed in business-related situations. This program is designed to provide managers with the skills and techniques to move surely and successfully through any social-business situation.

Personal Goal Setting

The purpose of this session is to help participants apply the strategic planning process to both their professional and personal lives.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This program is designed to help individuals apply a systematic approach to solving problems and making decisions in both individual and group contexts.

Project Management

This session in Project Management includes all the steps required to successfully manage projects. It stresses the people aspects, as well as provides a review of project management tools and an overview of software applications. Lessons learned here can be used on all types of projects. The session is interactive and skill development oriented. Sessions are customized to participants: knowledge level of project management, role (project manager, team member, or managing a one-person project), and specific types of projects.

Stress Management

Participants identify the causes and effects of stress in both their professional and personal lives through self-assessment techniques. They have an opportunity to develop coping strategies in combating stress for themselves and others and to examine ways to use stress itself for increased personal effectiveness.

Time Management

This workshop focuses on gaining control of one’s professional and personal life by managing time through planning and establishing priorities. Participants analyze their own use of time, identify time wasters, and learn methods to eliminate them. Techniques will include development of priority lists, delegating role play, and an in-basket exercise.


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Personal Growth

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