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 Customer Service

Improving Customer Telephone Contact Skills

The purpose of this program is to enhance the quality of telephone communications for staff members whose job responsibilities require telephone usage. The session will address telephone courtesy and techniques that emphasize effective communication skills and will stress ways to improve service interactions.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

This unique customer service program has three distinct, yet integrated components: coaching skills for the manager, customer relations skills for the customer contact employees, and follow-up. It is designed to provide primary customer contact employees with the service skills needed to meet the needs of the customer. It also provides managers of the service providers with an overview of the program and focuses on the support skills they need to help their employees transfer the new behaviors back to the work environment. Finally, the program incorporates a follow-up session six to eight weeks after the last module. The overall goal is to help participants enhance their customer service skills that ensure customer satisfaction and help the organization meet its bottom line.

Serving the Internal Customer

This program is designed to help individuals in support positions within organizations apply customer service skills to their internal environment.


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