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A Powerful Keynoter with a Compelling Message

Today’s leaders and managers face tougher challenges than ever before. Cultivating an environment in which people thrive requires new insights and skill sets for effective leadership. The old ways of doing business don’t work anymore. See why so many Fortune 500 companies choose Karen Lawson to help them grow their companies and cultivate truly outstanding leaders.


Dr. Karen Lawson is an international professional speaker and author who is an expert in growing greatness. The founder of her own business in 1986, Karen has since worked with thousands of professionals in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. She has had the opportunity to work with leaders first-hand and discover how to cultivate excellence. With a doctorate in Adult and Organizational Development, Karen’s expertise in human interaction provides a unique perspective on improving performance. A dynamic and popular keynote speaker, Karen is one of 280 speakers to receive the Certified Speaking Professional designation. She informs, inspires, and involves her audiences in every presentation. Her nine books and Growing Greatness audiotape series are powerful learning tools that extend her compelling message.


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   Keynote Speeches and Seminars

Growing Greatness through Values™

Values are fundamental to the way organizations compete, produce, and manage. Values determine leader behavior, which, in turn, motivates or inspires follower behavior. Turn values into action for powerful results.

Growing Great Leaders and Managers™

Leadership is an awesome responsibility. Effective leaders are passionate about their beliefs, respectful of their power, and mindful of the privilege. Learn to enhance your leadership competencies to get the results you want.

Cultivating Greatness in Others™

True motivation comes from inside oneself; good leaders create an environment that encourages that self-motivation. Learn to cultivate an environment in which your employees are motivated to succeed.

Influencing with Integrity for Greatness™

Leaders now rely more on their ability to influence to get things done. People with little power can exercise tremendous influence on others. Master the art of influencing with integrity to enhance your relationships and encourage cooperation.

Growing Greatness through Change and Choice™

In today’s ever-changing world, people find themselves in situations where they have little or no control. Often, they feel frustrated and helpless. Learn how to take control and create your future in powerful new ways.

You Can Have It All–Just Not All at the Same Time™

Discover how you can gain greater satisfaction and lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. You will … Identify ways to overcome the challenges of multiple roles and responsibilities; deepen your understanding of the choices you must make in setting priorities; and discover how to make and adapt to changes so you can “have it all.”

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